Pattern Process

I use a range of techniques to create the elements that make up my patterns. Pencil sketches, doodles, painting, printing, markers, pastels, scraping, scattering, splattering, and photographing or scanning objects. I find that the most satisfying designs start with some kind of organic, artistic process.

Here’s a selection of examples.

A return to patterns

My work has focused heavily on abstract textures for some time now but it feels like time for a long-overdue return to making seamless patterns. I wish I had photographs of my early pattern doodles done as a kid. There were hundreds of them but I can’t remember what became of them. I do, however, have piles of doodles from the last 10 or so years.

Old black and white doodles

I’ve doodled during long journeys, I’ve doodled in cafes, I’ve doodled between calls in call centres and while pupils completed exercises when I was a TEFL teacher. About the only time I didn’t doodle was when I was a graphic designer – which is partly why I’m not any more 🙂

More doodles

So many years and so many doodles yet I never really did anything with any of them. I considered training as a tattoo artist but I’m not sure I could make needles and blood my friends.

Even more doodles

Many wise proverbs speak of doing something you love and that comes naturally to you. Check and check. Bring on the patterns.