Dot vector patterns pack

For those moments when you need a handy selection of simple patterns I made this versatile pack of fifty seamless polka vectors. Included are dots, diamonds, squares, octagons, triangles, hearts and stars. They range between dark and closely packed to light, subtle and spacious. To accompany the seamless vector files there are also tileable PNG and JPEG versions.

The full range of patterns is demonstrated by the following thumbnail images.

Each thumbnail and file name is included on a handy visual reference sheet for convenient file selection.

The pattern files have an array of potential uses in your design projects. For example, they would look great as simple backgrounds on stationery products.

They would also be ideal for use in packaging design projects.

Using simple combinations of background and fill colours you can quickly create a wide range of bright, bold or simple patterned backgrounds.

Scratch and scrape texture pack

In my ongoing hunt for interesting texture possibilities I decided to experiment with some scratchboard or scraperboard as it’s known in the UK. It’s a heavy foil-coated cardboard with a scratchable matt-black top layer and is generally used to craft intricate and laborious metallic engravings.

Alternatively, you can drop it and scrape it (and your knees) around on the floor and up the walls, attack it with sandpaper and maybe even a fork. This enjoyably experimental abuse created an eye catching variety of ‘scratch and scrape’ abstract textures.

I then digitised the boards to create a set of forty black and white ‘scratch & scrape’ vector textures.

The following thumbnail sets show the variety of textures included in the pack.

The following are close-up details of a few of the images.

Every thumbnail and corresponding file name has been collated into a visual reference sheet for your ease of use.

These textures are perfect for adding scratchy damage effects to your design or illustration.

They also make it super easy to create strikingly grungy abstract backgrounds.

Create unusual and unique abstract images by combining, colourising, filling and blending.

I had a lot of fun experimenting to create this texture pack and the final results were definitely worth the effort.

Lino printed texture pack

I love the unpredictability of printmaking using lino sheets. Simple variations in ink density, pressure and paper texture provide a wonderful variety of results. This is a small sample of the numerous sheets I printed to produce this versatile texture pack.

Photo of printed lino sheets

After scanning the printed sheets I kept any tidying and retouching to a minimum to preserve the authentic ‘physical’ texture. Finally, I converted the scanned images to a series of forty eight black and white vector files.

The textures included in the pack range from dark and intense to light and subtle and are printed on a mixture of bristol board, cartridge and watercolour papers. The following thumbnails demonstrate the full range.

To make it easy to choose the perfect image for your project all thumbnails and file names have been compiled into an at-a-glance visual reference sheet.

The following images show close-up details of a selection of the textures included in the pack.

These lino printed texture files have a wide variety of potential creative uses. They are a perfect way to quickly create faux printing effects in your illustrations or graphic designs.

They are also great for creating grungy distressed effects in your graphics or photographs.

The textures also make great abstract backgrounds.

Easily bring organic physical textures into your digital work while saving yourself the time, mess and inconvenience of printmaking. Open an array of new creative possibilities with this print themed vector texture pack.