Boho hippy retro chic

I’ve recently been converting my hand drawn patterns into vector versions, as demonstrated here:

Hand drawn boho mandala pattern in marker and pastel pencil
Hand drawn boho mandala pattern in marker and pastel pencil

And the vector version of it as a seamless repeating pattern:


Pinky bluey patterny

Of all the patterns I’ve drawn recently I think this one is my favourite. It’s hand-drawn and was composed as I went – no photoshop involved other than to clean up the scan. I also learned an important lesson about keeping my scanner dust-free as it took absolutely ages to clean up. I’m now the proud owner of some cleaning wipes for exactly that purpose.


My happy place

I’m fortunate enough to have a small room set aside to work on my creative projects. Many a happy hour is spent tucked away in there with my mountains of markers, paints, pencils etc. My cat often comes to curl up on the windowsill to the left of my desk and keeps me company until she gets bored and decides I need a break. Then she’ll start stealing pens or munching on my kneecaps to make me pay attention to her. It’s more charming than it sounds.


The beginning

I wish I had photographs of my early pattern doodles done as a kid. There were hundreds of them but I can’t remember what became of them. I do have piles of doodles from the last 10 or so years.


Old black and white doodles

I’ve doodled during long journeys, I’ve doodled in cafes, I’ve doodled between calls in call centres and while pupils completed exercises when I was a TEFL teacher. About the only time I didn’t doodle was when I was a graphic designer – which is partly why I’m not any more 🙂

More doodles

So many years and so many doodles yet I never really did anything with any of them. I considered training as a tattoo artist but I’m not sure I could make needles and blood my friends.

Even more doodles

Many wise proverbs speak of doing something you love and that comes naturally to you. Check and check. And so here I am…

It’s all for the love of pattern, colour and style.