Dot vector patterns pack

For those moments when you need a handy selection of simple patterns I made this versatile pack of fifty seamless polka vectors. Included are dots, diamonds, squares, octagons, triangles, hearts and stars. They range between dark and closely packed to light, subtle and spacious. To accompany the seamless vector files there are also tileable PNG and JPEG versions.

The full range of patterns is demonstrated by the following thumbnail images.

Each thumbnail and file name is included on a handy visual reference sheet for convenient file selection.

The pattern files have an array of potential uses in your design projects. For example, they would look great as simple backgrounds on stationery products.

They would also be ideal for use in packaging design projects.

Using simple combinations of background and fill colours you can quickly create a wide range of bright, bold or simple patterned backgrounds.

Hand drawn to vector

I’ve been going through some more of my older hand drawn patterns and making vector versions of them. It is pretty time consuming but I really like the results. Here’s an example:

Hand drawn to vector versions of a lime and blue floral pattern
Hand drawn to vector versions of a lime and blue floral pattern

I love the pattern making tools in the latest version of adobe Illustrator, they make it fun to get complicated and interesting pattern repeats. I’m having a hell of a time getting the pattern tiles not to explode when the file is saved in a legacy version though. Stock agencies like Shutterstock want the file saved as an Illustrator 10 eps so it’s a problem I need to solve. I have some ideas on how to do that which will keep me busy.

I think this one will be good as a fabric pattern too so it will eventually end up on my Spoonflower collection too.

Oodles of doodles

One of the fun things about deciding to go try going down the stock image route is that I can get out all the old illustration experiments I did and then discarded on my previous attempts to make a signature style. One of the problems I’ve always had is settling on one way of doing creative stuff. Now I don’t need to.

Here’s a pattern I made from a loose doodle style using watercolour and fine liners. I like the light hearted brightness of this one.

Doodle pattern using watercolour and fine liner
Doodle pattern using watercolour and fine liner

This is now for sale as a stock seamless pattern and as fabric on Spoonflower , fingers crossed other folks like it too.