Urban grunge vector texture pack

I love finding interesting textures in the world around me and sometimes walk around my town with a camera. I’ve found an abundance of grungy urban decay such as peeling paint, cracking walls, rusting metal, water and weather damage, pitted stone, lichen, gritty gravel and concrete. It’s amazing what’s out there if you look closely enough.

This urban grunge texture pack includes fifty black and white vector images traced from high-contrast photographs. Also included are fifty transparent background PNG versions.

The following thumbnails give an overview of the images included in the pack.

Here are close-up detail views of a small selection of the textures.

Every thumbnail and file name is collated into one visual reference sheet to help you quickly and easily choose the right image for the job.

The textures are perfect for simulating the effects of age, wear and decay on your photos and graphics.

They are also perfect for use as grungy abstract backgrounds in your graphic design projects such as stationery and flyers.

You could also add some hardcore grit and grunge to your text and images.

Save yourself hours of walking, photography and processing and let this texture pack bring the grungy urban outside world into your digital reality.